Meet the OKR methodology if you want to create a flexible, transparent, and agile working environment in your organization. The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework is a modern management tool that helps teams and organizations set and manage measurable goals. Thanks to OKRs that depict your vision and make an impact, you can achieve your goals and move your organization forward!

So, how will you proceed on this path?

All of your questions regarding OKR have been compiled in the “Frequently Asked Questions About OKR” booklet we have created for you!

With this booklet, you can learn about:

    • OKR history
    • OKR determination process,
    • OKR application process,
    • OKR&KPI difference,
    • The most common OKR errors
    • Agile and OKR relationship

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Frequently Asked Questions About OKR

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