Half the success in performance management is setting the right goals, and that’s not the easiest half. Many reputable and successful companies all over the globe use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework which helps them set measurable goals, align them with their company mission, and track progress. However, before you can get results from the OKR method, you need to embed it within your company’s culture.

Are you looking for some useful tips on how to define goals that motivate and inspire you? We’re here for you!

In this OKR guide we are going to share how to:

• Plan and write effective OKRs in 4 steps,
• Lay the groundwork for the right OKRs,
• Use this method to track your goals and progress,
• Avoid most common mistakes when implementing OKRs,
• Check and review your OKRs by asking the right questions.

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How to Write Effective OKRs

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