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Twiser has received its first investment from Plug & Play.
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OKRs ensure that remote team members are always aware of each other's work and are not out of the loop. OKRs for remote teams should be set up and executed with the team.
Philip Kotler, who is widely known as “The Father of Marketing”, says that all managers should be leaders. In reality, most are “just administrators who waste time on organizational matters and paperwork.
It's not simple to implement OKR appropriately and successfully throughout your organization, and there will be obstacles to overcome. However, you need to detect the problem in order to remove them.
From Intel to Google, some of the most creative businesses in the world have incorporated Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into their management.
If you’re looking for examples of OKR for HR department, we can give you some! From the smallest to the largest companies, human resources has established itself as a crucial department
“To win in the global marketplace, organizations need to be nimbler than ever before,” says John Doerr in his book, “Measure What Matters.”
Agile is a mindset that has emerged in response to an increasingly complex world where the traditional Waterfall model and other management techniques can no longer cope.