Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



In Performance Management, It’s Very Important to Bring the Ideal and Practical Together

Alper Tokalp 
Hayat Kimya Global Human Resources Director

Can you share your performance management approach as a leading company that acts with the motto “The world is our market” and provides global service in 13 countries? 

While we take firm steps towards our vision “providing benefits for generations” we aim for a sustainable performance management approach, which has an evaluation mechanism and is suitable for our daily lives, reflecting our values (entrepreneurship, tenacity and courage, belonging, open-mindedness, respect for humans and nature, justice and honesty), triggering success, enabling focused work and mutual communication for all members of Hayat. Also, we direct our efforts to encourage this environment.

You have more than 9,000 employees. Can you share the vital success factors that enabled this great team to act as an effective and cohesive team with unity of purpose? 

Our employees from many different geographies of the world and different generations are our prosperity. This diversity is reflected in our corporate culture and colors us. We draw strength from our differences, our vision inspires us. We believe that we can only do this together as “Hayat” grows, spreads and leaves a mark on the world with its brands.

Could you share the contributions of the Loyalty Ambassadors, one of your projects to increase employee engagement, to the organization and performance, and your advice to companies that want to embark on a similar journey? 

Spending a significant amount of time at work every day plays a crucial role in our working culture and employee engagement. We all shape each other, the environment we live in, our attitudes, with the decisions and actions we take. It is the mutual responsibility of all of us to work happily. That’s why creating loyalty ambassadors within the organization is so valuable. 

Hayat Kimya moves forward by putting people at the center of its globalization journey. OKR is also a method that puts people in its focus. With this perspective, as Hayat Holding, can you share your approach to OKR and the points that need to be considered to adapt OKRs to the company culture?

Especially in the world order, which has become more complex with the pandemic, it is very critical to keep up with the change when working with different geographies, different cultures and different generations. We are an organization that spreads and expands to different geographies. We aim to achieve this growth with a human focus, so the OKR methodology called the next generation performance system overlaps with this goal and our story. Tracking the output and performance is essential to make communication continuous and to adapt to change. The most important issue for those who will embark on this journey is to find the version that best fits the company culture and employee expectations. It is crucial to combine the ideal with the practice. 

Can you share the digitalization projects you plan to implement as a human resources team in the new period and your perspective on the HRTech world?

For HR processes to be more efficient, more effective and interconnected, digitalization in all areas of HR is of great importance. We set our priority as HR Main Data Setup. After ensuring both standardization and simplification by making the same system set up in all our countries, we drew up process maps and established a single technological platform to increase the efficiency of HR Processes. Our priorities for 2022-2023 will be the replan of Talent Management, Performance and Accounting processes and their inclusion in the system. Besides, we will continue to invest in new generation technologies for Recruitment.

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