Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



Increased Efficiency with the New-Gen Working Culture

The most crucial asset of a company is its employees. That is because happy employees increase productivity in your workplace and lead it to success. It is essential to have a system leading motivation and inspiring what they do in your team to increase employee productivity. We know that with the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations continue their work from home. Well, which one do you think is more efficient when compared with the traditional working model?

In 2016, Phyllis Moen and Erin L. Kelly analyzed the model that employees of Fortune 500 companies work flexibly and remotely. The group working out of the office reported “higher levels of job satisfaction and lower burnout and psychological stress” than those working in the office. Besides, more employers stated that working from home increases productivity compared to last summer, according to a study by the CIPD.

Surely, working from home also has some disadvantages for employees. Trying to get used to a new order, having difficulties in time management, and maintaining the coordination between you and your team from a distance can be annoying sometimes. Many performance systems that will remove such obstacles and enable you to carry out the operation accurately help you at this point. For instance, a performance system working with the OKR methodology ensures that all your goals are aligned, more transparent and that you can change your goals with the changing world, regardless of where you or your employees are. As a result, OKRs help you improve performance and focus.

In addition, another drawback of working from home is our work environment. Family members in the house, the phone, television, or housework can be distracting factors. In short, not being able to separate home and work life can restrict efficiency. However, there is a solution we can suggest for you in such a situation. With this change in the working model, Free Office Poda with which you can adapt to the digital universe, with a quiet environment and a strong internet connection, can help you. Poda , which does not allow any distraction and is private for you, offers you a safe and comfortable working environment. Poda can help you concentrate on your work, conduct your meetings in a suitable environment, and increase productivity by keeping up with the new generation working culture.

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