Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



New Gen Performance Systems are Huge Advantages for E-Commerce

Ozan Akat Business Support, Assistant General Manager

How did your fundamental values of passion, innovation, and trust guide you in forming the performance management system of 

As you know, a company’s values are the primary factor that reflects and carries on its culture. Accordingly, while forming our performance management system, we wanted to integrate our approach to values as well as our corporate and departmental goals into the system. We also made our value-based behavior indicators a part of our performance evaluation system in parallel. On the current system, we manage and track our individual goals, and at the same time, evaluate our co-workers’ compatibility with our approach to values. In the developmental activities of both the individuals and the company, we prioritize the evaluations made and the outcome of the performance evaluation process. 

How can new-gen performance management systems support the growth of e-commerce? 

New-gen performance systems with a dynamic performance management approach offer a great advantage for a sector such as e-commerce that is rapidly growing, highly competitive, and dynamic. That way, unlike in the traditional performance management approach, a flexible environment is created where the performance can be tracked closely, individuals can give feedback to one another instantly, and the needs are met quickly. 

What do you do in in terms of agility? 

With the dynamic and agile structure of being in the e-commerce industry, we prioritize adapting to the ever-changing conditions and adopting a flexible approach in all processes. Thanks to our customer-focused approach, we prioritize wants and expectations instead of long and complicated processes. In this regard, we reach our 23 million customers using many different channels in order to keep in touch with them. Our actions show that we’ve actually adopted a human and communication-focused approach instead of a process and tool-focused one. At the same time, we adapt all our systems to this understanding with a result-focused approach in order to remove the obstacles in front of agility and move more flexibly and quickly. One of the most important things to consider while adapting to the system is to advance by using the agile approach methods that are best suited for our company without putting the organization in an agile but pre-determined box.

How do you accomplish your mission of becoming the digital transformation leader today in terms of performance management? 

With digital transformation, work styles and methods are developing and changing rapidly in parallel to the technological developments. As N11, while we move forward with our mission of becoming the digital transformation leader, together with our robust IT infrastructure and data-focused approach, we manage all our processes and data over digital platforms where cutting-edge technologies are used. The digital platforms we use in the processes we carry out both with our customers and business partners, and our employees are among our most substantial and most advantageous aspects. That way, we can track our company and employee performance over the systems and prepare reports as well. At this point, we benefit from the power of the digital metrics and the digital platforms that we use in tracking the performance. 

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