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Twiser has received its first investment from Plug & Play.
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Proxy user is a feature that allows to assign another user as a proxy to sign into the system and perform tasks on your behalf, i.e., to access and...
Nowadays, we continuously hear about OKRs. Along with the constantly changing world dynamics, organizations are also transforming. While doing this, it is essential to follow the same path as all employees.
From Intel to Google, some of the most creative businesses in the world have incorporated Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into their management.
The OKR platform is required so that employees can embrace organizational goals, and everyone can see how each employee contributes to company goals. Do you know 5 must-haves of OKR platform? If not, don’t decide before reading our blog!
If you’re looking for examples of OKR for HR department, we can give you some! From the smallest to the largest companies, human resources has established itself as a crucial department
Using an effective OKR software in an organization is a great way to ensure company-wide compliance, transparency, and sustainable efficiency.
“To win in the global marketplace, organizations need to be nimbler than ever before,” says John Doerr in his book, “Measure What Matters.”
Agile is a mindset that has emerged in response to an increasingly complex world where the traditional Waterfall model and other management techniques can no longer cope.