Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



OKR Software Features

Using an effective OKR software in an organization is a great way to ensure company-wide compliance, transparency, and sustainable efficiency. An OKR software allows employees to focus on what matters, and easily see how goals align with their organizational priorities.


With an OKR software platform, everyone sees the essential goals in the organization and can think about how they can contribute to their own goals. It provides healthier dissemination of objectives. Managers and employees can suggest goals to each other using software features.


An OKR software allows goals to be updated according to changing conditions. If you see a risk, it lets you see it on the way, not after the period is completed. Thanks to the OKR software platform, you can establish instant, continuous, and healthy communication. When you use an OKR software that can be shaped according to your organization’s culture, your performance system will help you achieve success by setting accurate and effective goals and increasing communication. Through recording the entire journey, the software platform allows the performance of the employees to be evaluated more equitably.


An OKR software platform is a tool to facilitate your management at the point of making your organization successful and revealing the performance of your employees.


How can you choose the best OKR platform for you?

When looking for an OKR software platform, it’s necessary to find a tool that can be used throughout your organization. A flexible product that can be shaped according to you and an expert team that will enable you to establish the most suitable performance management system are the essential elements for this transformation to be successful.

With the changing world dynamics and traditional goal and performance management platforms, employees become less ambitious and lose their focus. Because priorities change instantly, it can be hard to focus on what matters most to the organization. Since classical performance systems do not provide the opportunity to review goals frequently, reflect on changing points in the system, and communicate about goals, these platforms turn into workloads rather than making an impact.

To eliminate these obstacles and ensure that everyone focuses on priorities in the rapidly changing world dynamics and to seize the opportunities of the future you need a OKR software platform.

What are the benefits of OKR software platform?

  • Helping all employees’ goals become visible,
  • Employees advancing towards a common goal can set a team goal together,
  • Supporting goal dissemination within the company with the method of suggesting goals,
  • Providing you instant data about the goals by tracking the progress,
  • You can update your goals according to changing conditions,
  • Increasing feedback on objectives with communication,
  • Holistic approach to HR applications where you can perform competency and performance management depending on the goals,
  • With its advanced reporting feature, it allows you to determine in detail what your company’s goal, competence and performance evaluation status is.




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