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Twiser has received its first investment from Plug & Play.
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OKR Software

Organizations should monitor their progress while managing the objectives they hope to accomplish. In order to manage huge amounts of data, conduct employee-manager one-on-one meetings, and make sure the goals are implemented appropriately across the organization, you will need a tool. So what factors should you consider before choosing?

In the handbook “How to Choose an OKR Platform?” we prepared for you, we’ve covered this question in full detail!

With this handbook, you will find answers to the questions below and learn how Twiser will support you on your journey to success!

  • “Why OKR is the best solution?”
  • “How to bring the OKR perspective to life?”
  • “What are the benefits of an OKR platform?”
  • “How to spread the culture of goal setting with the OKR platform?”

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