Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



Our Trainings Help...

Enhance the value of OKR distinguishing it from other goal-setting frameworks

Create effective and successful OKRs

Learn to update and align OKRs

OKR Training

You can make a difference with our OKR training perfectly suitable for individuals, teams, and companies. With OKR, you can discover how to improve your strategies, mission, and vision. Our certified training will provide you with everything you need to know about setting, adopting, improving, aligning OKRs, and assessing outcomes professionally. 

Besides, with our guidance, you will be able to respond to these questions:

  • What is OKR?  
  • What are the basics of OKR methodology? 
  • Why do you need OKR? 
  • How can you create an OKR framework? 
  • What are the differences between OKR and other performance management methods? 
  • How can you set and assess OKRs? 
  • How can you develop skilled in-house coaches who can support leaders at all levels?


You can boost your OKR credentials through our website resources: OKR examples, videos, mini-tests, and checklists. 

We designed our training for you by ensuring that HR professionals, senior executives, department directors, and employees of all levels can benefit individually. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience in OKR with you, regardless of your organization’s industry or employee level.  

If your company is currently in the process of switching to OKR, you can still tap into our onboarding program. We can design an individual on-demand training so that your organization can find the best way to embed the OKR system within its work culture.