Twiser has received its first investment from Plug and Play Tech Center. Find out more

Twiser has received its first investment from Plug & Play.
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Tempo BPO, which has been operating in the service sector since 2001 and offers call center-supported integrated services with more than 3000 employees, continues its success story with Twiser. Tempo BPO, which prioritizes helping its business partners seize opportunities to realize their dreams, shares its experiences with Twiser.

In this success story, we have prepared by addressing the dynamics of the service sector, we brought together why Tempo BPO preferred the platform offered by Twiser, what it went through during the integration process and what outputs it achieved afterwards.

In this booklet, where we share the Tempo BPO success story, you’ll find;

  • “Why Tempo BPO needed a performance culture change?”
  • “What benefits did it gain from performance culture change?”
  • “What Twiser’s platform offers to Tempo BPO?”