Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!

Creating your OKRs? Check out some OKR examples!



The Importance of Performance Management in Our Industry Comes From It’s Area of Effect
Vice President, Business Support, Güntulu Peker

What do you think about the new-gen performance management systems?

As the ecology and the ways of doing work change and develop, the people management practices change parallel to them. When it comes to people management, we’re talking about a transformation beyond change since the differences between generations need to be taken into consideration. Performance management feeds all people management practices from hiring to training and development and from wage management to promotion processes. It’s also fed by all of them. That’s why they need to be updated accordingly to the current employee/manager needs.

The seven fundamental aspects that come from new-gen performance management systems are our priorities. These are flexibility, transparency, constant communication, making it easier to see the big picture, prioritizing from the ground up, and bringing team results to the forefront. These aspects meet the expectations of the current employees and managers significantly and encourage them to behave accordingly.

How would you evaluate the importance of performance management in the context of your sector?

We’re in a dynamic and fast-moving sector. We value being proactive and creative, as much as getting effective results. The importance of performance management in this sector comes from its area of effect. It’s important to increase employees’ creativity and work speed while guiding them towards efficient results and helping them know their talents and determine their successes and contributions. 

How do you increase employee engagement and motivation with the performance management methods you use?

An important aspect of the performance management practices we’re currently using is that while determining the final performance score, it looks at the process from different angles and is fed from various dimensions. This practice allows for a bond between the employees’ goals and the company’s goals to be formed. The thought of contributing to the employee, increases motivation. Also, when the performance is based on the accurate indicators, this increases the trust people feel for the management’s decisions. It allows for the decisions to be taken in time and be more consistent.

Could you tell us about your key principles on your journey of turning goals into results?

For these systems, it’s critical for a company’s overall goals to be measurable clearly and tangibly. This is also true for our company’s goals which are defined in numbers. Another one of our important practices that makes our job easier and adds value to it is the tracking and evaluations that we hold on a monthly and quarterly basis. Measurement and interlude evaluation systems and processes contribute to developing the continuous improvement culture within our company.

What do you do to increase teamwork efficiency?

We have the company team at the top, the department/section/unit teams under it, and designation-based teams. The product-based teams we call “the globe” that consist of employees from different departments are also a part of this structure. It’s important to determine joint goals and work together in order to increase efficiency. However, the people who have a critical role in this point are our employees in Team Leader positions. The selection and improvement of our team leaders who are the first-level managers are the two areas where we’re very meticulous.

What practices do you have to conduct fair performance evaluations during the remote working period?

We took on different actions which we believe have benefited us greatly. Our managers took trainings about remote team management, we made home-support payments to keep our employees’ morals high, we gave out gifts with the motto: “The Office Is Where You Are”, and we gave out ergonomic and technological support to our employees for them to focus on their work physically as well.

Another indication that our business is going well in terms of performance and tracking is the results of the expectation survey which we held about the post-pandemic work-life. In the survey, most of our employees and managers stated that they wanted the remote working to continue. So we listened to what they have to say. Now, all employees at are able to choose between remote and hybrid working options independent of their departments.

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