Use the world’s first AI
to write OKRs

Getting everyone in your team to create OKRs in a proper way can be quite challenging. Using the first in the world AI based feature for writing your goals, Twiser makes it easy for you!

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AI Based OKR Assistant for OKRs

Make sure you create powerful, clear and effective goals that deliver results

Take care of your Objectives

  • It helps you clarify your goals and structure them better
  • It identifies the quality score of your new and existing objectives so that you can improve them
  • It notifies you when you use incorrect metrics  and/or set unreasonable deadlines.

Create concise and clear Key Results

  • It helps you generate KR texts that are both concise and constructive
  • It detects what critical points and/or metrics are missing in your key results
  • It helps you reword the KR texts and reminds you to indicate deadlines when you forget
AI Based
OKR Assistant


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