5 Must-Have Features Of OKR Goal-Setting Software

The OKR platform is required so that employees can embrace organizational goals, and everyone can see how each employee contributes to company goals. Do you know 5 must-haves of OKR platform? If not, don’t decide before reading our blog!

Managing everyone on a single OKR platform.

It is very important that all employees understand the goals of the company and determine their priority goals accordingly. With OKR platform, you should be able to instantly follow the goals of the entire company and track progress on them. Besides, you should give feedback and support. By keeping the work done and making results visible throughout the year, you can make a fairer, more transparent performance evaluation and develop your employees.

Instant follow-up with OKR platform.

Thanks to OKR platform, you should ensure that the goals are clear and transparent. It is now much easier for everyone to be aware of the progress on the way to achieving goals and to take action towards it!

Ensuring responsibility with OKR platform.

You always should ensure that your employees take responsibility! The ability of employees to set their own goals and to align with company strategies while doing so brings success. Adopting the objectives, revising them when necessary, and creating a supportive environment enable employees and the manager to take responsibility and carry out an active goal management. 

Non-stop improvement with OKR platform.

Nowadays, it is possible to respond instantly to competition and changing conditions, to spot the problems while trying to get from point A to point B, to change the route, and to switch to a faster alternative if there is one. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page and bringing agility to your organization, while doing this, is much easier with Twiser’s OKR platform! Communication and feedback are the key to development. One-on-one meetings between a manager and an employee at the end of goal periods contribute to the development of employees and enhance mentoring abilities of managers. 

Fair and transparent management with OKR platform.

It is not easy to track and measure the performance of employees, especially in hybrid work environment. Not being able to distinguish successful employees is a factor that directly reduces employee loyalty and productivity. The fair and transparent evaluation of employees contributes to the career development and reward of successful employees in the remote working environment. With Twiser’s OKR platform you can achieve more efficient results!