ATP Success Story

Founded in 1997, ATP is one of the leading technology companies that develops vital platforms, software and services needed by corporate companies, especially in the finance and hospitality sectors. Having 500+ customers in Turkey, China and the EMEA Region, ATP helps organizations adapt to digital transformation and lead change with the products it designs, the projects it implements and the services it provides. ATP, one of the most successful companies in the sector, prefers Twiser to change its performance culture and shares its experiences throughout the process.

In this success story, we have prepared by addressing the dynamics of the technology sector, we brought together why ATP preferred the platform offered by Twiser, what it went through during the integration process and what outputs it achieved afterwards.

In this booklet, where we share the ATP success story, you’ll find;

  • “Why ATP needed a performance culture change?”
  • “What benefits did it gain from performance culture change?”
  • “What Twiser’s platform offers to ATP?”

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