CMS Success Story

CMS, which has been operating in the manufacturing sector since 1980, is now one of Turkey’s first and Europe’s third largest aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers with over 3000 employees and 3 production facilities established on a total area of 262,356 square meters. Aiming to be the fastest and most reliable solution partner, CMS prefers Twiser for performance culture transformations and shares its experiences with us.

In this success story, we have prepared by addressing the dynamics of the manufacturing sector, we brought together why CMS preferred the platform offered by Twiser, what it went through during the integration process and what outputs it achieved afterwards.

In this booklet, where we share the CMS success story, you’ll find;

  • “Why CMS needed a performance culture change?”
  • “What benefits did it gain from performance culture change?”
  • “What Twiser’s platform offers to CMS?”

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