Türkiye Sigorta Success Story

Türkiye Sigorta, the leader of the sector, undertakes to provide service by meeting the expectations of its policyholders at the highest level at every point with its expert staff and strong technological infrastructure. Continuing to offer the most competitive insurance products with its meticulous service with its agile, innovative and sensitive approach, Türkiye Sigorta prefers Twiser for its performance culture transformation.

In this success story, we have prepared by addressing the dynamics of the financial sector, we brought together why Türkiye Sigorta preferred the platform offered by Twiser, what it went through during the integration process and what outputs it achieved afterwards.

In this booklet, where we share the Türkiye Sigorta success story, you’ll find;

  • “Why Türkiye Sigorta needed a performance culture change?”
  • “What benefits did it gain from performance culture change?”
  • “What Twiser’s platform offers to Türkiye Sigorta?”

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