Managing a Remote Workforce with OKRs

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology has become a go-to for high-performing organizations globally due to its ability to keep teams focused and aligned towards achieving business outcomes. OKRs shift the focus from individual goals to collective objectives, fostering collaboration and a shared understanding of how each team member contributes to the success of the organization. In the era of remote work, these advantages become even more vital.

In this article, we will explore how OKRs can make your role as a manager easier, enhance the work experience for your team, and increase overall productivity for your organization.

Tracking Progress without Micromanaging

As a manager, how many times have you had to inquire about the status of a project from your team this week? The lack of clarity around progress often results in chasing updates and wasting valuable time.

With a dispersed team, it’s not possible to physically check-in on team members. Communication becomes disjointed, often resulting in emailing or Slacking each other or waiting for the weekly team meeting. Even then, the meetings might not provide the required clarity, and you have to resort to taking it offline.

This fragmented communication not only hampers progress but also affects morale, which is a risk in the current era of high employee turnover. Twiser makes it easy for everyone on your team to regularly update their progress with reminders and integrations. As a manager, you can be assured of knowing how your team is tracking towards goals without constantly disrupting their workflow.

Centralized Progress Tracking

Say goodbye to crafting the perfect progress email and chasing team leads for updates. By having all your goals and progress in a centralized location, your team, including you, can quickly refer to their dashboards for a snapshot of progress and delve deeper as needed. This is especially important for team members in different time zones who want to stay informed about an objective or key result.

Twiser’s customizable dashboards can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your team. Adding a widget with text-based context can be useful in disseminating cross-functional learnings or leadership insights.

Boosting Motivation and Alignment

Real-time visibility into OKR progress can have a significant impact on motivation for individual contributors. In a survey conducted by Asana, over one-third of workers stated that the main factor that would motivate them to do their best work in 2021 was knowing how it contributes to the company’s mission.

When individual team members, spread across the globe, can see how their work connects to the larger organizational goals, they feel proud and motivated to continue working towards their goals. This sense of alignment and connection with cross-functional teams and leadership boosts overall morale.

OKRs serve as a framework for goal management, holding leaders and organizations accountable for prioritizing their top goals and avoiding distractions. The focus is on outcomes over outputs, as stated internally at Twiser.