What is Performance Management in HR? 

Undoubtedly, the most crucial factor in achieving success is to create the right goals and plans. While companies with the right talents and employing them with the right goals and working methods increase their productivity, some companies may overlook the talents they find and include in their teams with great difficulty simply because of this. So what is performance management? How is the performance system set up? 

In the modern human resources approach, it is among the duties of human resources to establish and manage systems in which they can work efficiently, as well as finding new talents and including them in the company. For this reason, the establishment of a performance system and effective performance management are at the top of the factors that directly affect the success of companies. First of all, let’s define the concepts; 

What is a performance management system? 

Performance management; It is a system that ensures that the targets appropriate for their positions and abilities are given to the employees, that they are evaluated and followed in an objective and fair manner. 

What is performance management? 

Performance management is a management approach that ensures the continuous and sustainable use and follow-up of the data to be obtained through performance evaluation systems in the work processes of the employees, and the planning of actions in this direction. 

Why is performance management necessary? 

Due to their structure, companies constantly try to achieve certain goals. Employees who will help companies achieve these goals work together, each fulfilling their own duties and responsibilities. In order for different businesses to come together and form a whole, it is essential to determine the working system and success criteria correctly. Performance management is based on the fact that people do business in a way that supports each other’s goals. Gradually controlling the contribution of each employee to small teams, small teams to large teams, and finally to the main goals of the company, supports the company to achieve its ultimate goals. For this reason, companies perform performance management. 

Provide your employees with excellent training as often as you want, offer them high wages, keep their motivation high, and hire the best managers and people in your company. Unless you create an institutional system within the company and the performance of the employees can be measured and managed, an ambitious mission, state-of-the-art production lines, and a “few good guys” won’t be able to carry the whole company any longer.  

Human resources performance management is all the activities for the periodic evaluation of the extent to which employees fulfill their authority and responsibilities specified in their job descriptions and competencies in line with these, based on specific criteria. 

Thanks to Twiser’s Next-Gen Performance Management System, you can develop your people and bring out the best in them with continuous and communication-oriented performance management. Your performance management software needs to be tailored to the business and organizational culture of your company. Each organization has a unique work culture and requires a particular style of performance management. Twiser’s people-oriented performance management system is flexible and easily adaptable to company strategies and changing circumstances in the work environment, which makes it highly convenient and user-friendly.