What is Real Time Performance Management?

The performance management industry has changed dramatically over the last years. In place of traditional performance reviews, world’s leading companies including Twitter, Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon are moving to continuous, real-time performance management. The model has been also adopted by thousands of other organizations, both large and small.

It is quite obvious that many people are inspired to put into practice a continuous performance management program, but HR professionals should realize that establishing one requires some foresight and planning.

Let’s dive into how you can implement continuous performance management in your organization in this blog article.


The Benefits of Real-Time Performance Management

Real-time performance management is a system where employees and managers can have instant, easy and trackable communication and discuss employees’ performance including their achievements and victories as well as identifying their weak points and trying to focus on improving them.

Real-time performance management can provide significant benefits for organizations.


  • Real-Time Performance Management Allows Employees To Reach Their Goals Easier

Continuous performance management ensures regular check-ins. This can be especially helpful in terms of achieving goals. For example, if an employee has a difficult goal and only meets with their manager 3 times a year, it makes it harder to change the employee’s strategy. However, when real-time performance management is being utilized, employees can frequently discuss with their managers their needs and progress to better understand what should be improved to ensure that targets are reached.


  • Real-Time Performance Management Helps You Have a Clear View of the Data

Continuous performance management delivers transparent data that helps managers understand how their employees are working. Managers can check a full report on their employees’ progress throughout the year with continuing feedback. This is extremely helpful as it gives insight into where employees do extremely well and where they may be having difficulties. Managers can then use this data to change tactics if necessary to achieve goals and fulfil expectations.


  • Real-time performance management makes annual performance review simple

Continuous performance management ensures that employees’ overall performance is taken into consideration for throughout the year. When the annual reviews arrive, managers already have feedback and check-in records coming from one place. This information can be used to inform the annual review and ensure that the employee’s performance is assessed throughout the year, not just a specific short-term period within a year.


Continuous Performance Management with Twiser


Twiser is a people-oriented OKR and performance management solution, flexible and easily adaptable to company strategies and is dynamically changing conditions in the post-pandemic work environment. Its mission is to create a work culture that makes each employee and their contribution to the company matter. It is successfully implemented and trusted by organizations operating in 12 industries across 25 countries willing to cultivate strategy execution.

Twiser’s unique three-step “Best Fit OKR Solution” involves:

  • Assessing your company’s culture, needs, and expectations
  • Designing your individual “Best Fit OKR Solution”
  • Supporting you throughout the entire journey with our OKR Coaches and Customer Success Team


Twiser enables you to achieve your mission by setting clear and aligned OKRs, tracking progress, arranging 1:1s, getting feedback and evaluating your colleagues’ competencies and performance while having transparent communication across your company. The solution is ideal for small and mid-size companies as well as large enterprises willing to enhance performance management to cultivate strategy execution.