What Should a Good Performance Management System Include?

Performance management systems are highly preferred and indispensable in today’s working conditions. But how? The pandemic we had been through made us realize that we need something so powerful that even in the hard times when we have our hands tied, we can still progress. Have you ever thought that even the tiniest thing you do at work would be impossible? To communicate, meet, hug, shake hands – everything we do at work! As everyone is aware now, distance is hard. But there is something else: every dark cloud has a silver lining.

What is a performance management system?

The continuous communication and feedback process between managers and employees to achieve goals is defined as performance management.

A systematic performance management system ensures that managers and employees are aligned with the company’s overarching vision for goals and career development. When it comes to performance management, individuals are evaluated in the context of the broader company system. Performance management is one of the tools used to always achieve a better result from all company components such as the company’s resources, financial structure, and employees.

Performance management system: Some must-have features

Ongoing Performance Management

Effective performance management is not something you can fit in a day. It should be all the time and everywhere! To acquire stability and a positive outcome, you should integrate and practice a regular performance management system.

Fair and Transparent Evaluation

Managers and their teams should not suffer any confusion during the performance management process. Everything should be crystal clear! Your whole organization must be able to see the goals. It provides you with taking immediate action when necessary.


Your performance management system needs to be tailored to the business and organizational culture of your company. Each organization has a unique work culture and requires a particular style of performance management.


The most crucial task should be prioritized to provide the greatest company value. Focusing on the right issue will also bring the success you crave for!

Strong communication

Informing employees about the organization’s priorities and goals has a positive effect on their performance.


Organizations want a performance management solution that allows for spontaneity, allowing users to address issues as they arise, and enables them to make the adjustments that are required in response to shifting circumstances.

What does Twiser offer you with its New-Gen Performance Management System?

With OKR module, you ensure that company and employee goals are aligned, and progress is followed transparently.

With Dashboard, you can manage the entire company from a single screen and take quick action.

With Performance and Calibration module, you can increase performance and motivation with a fair and transparent evaluation based on data.

With Competency module, you can support the development of your employees and get everyone involved with its easy use.

With 0ne-on-one meetings module, you can strengthen the communication between managers and employees and ensure that goals are being achieved by creating a support environment.

With Feedback module, you can create a mutual feedback culture and strengthen communication.