Why Should Companies Use OKR Software?

The business world is constantly changing, and keeping up with ever-increasing customer expectations, adapting to new reality and putting an organization on a path to sustainable growth is becoming a huge challenge. Therefore, OKR, a goal-setting methodology that helps companies align employee goals with the organization’s core business strategy, vision and mission, can be a real solution to the problem. To be more efficient in these conditions, many companies are now moving to OKR software. It helps managers ensure that all employees and teams work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization.

OKR software also allows to break down organizational goals into smaller ones aimed at specific results. The best feature of using OKR software is that it allows organizations to review performance frequently through reviews that are usually done on a weekly or monthly basis. Thus, OKR software gives the organization transparency and visibility it needs across departments to prevent silos and move towards success. But how does OKR software help organizations increase productivity and engagement?


Top 4 Benefits of OKR Software


  • OKR methodology helps companies set goals at the departmental and individual level and ensure they align with the overall mission and vision. These OKRs can be set for the entire organization and then split across teams and employees. It can often be difficult for employees and teams to perform if there is no alignment between their goals and those of the organization. OKR software ensures that this can be avoided as individual OKRs are assigned to teams and employees, which ultimately align with the larger picture of the organization.


  • Using OKR methodology allows you to track each set goal, providing a visualization of the goal. When properly implemented, OKR software allows you to track the progress of OKRs. With the help of charts and information about the performance of the organization, you can easily visualize the end result. Very often, it is this visualization that helps teams think outside the box and go beyond their capabilities. Enhancing team efficiency and alignment increases the organization’s chances of achieving rapid sustainable growth.


  • When an organization sets OKRs, it ensures all employees have a clear understanding of its vision and mission. Moreover, the employees performing their duties have a better understanding of the problems they face during the execution phase. By setting objectives and key results using OKR software, they are able to use their understanding to achieve them. This is why getting OKR software is extremely important for all organizations.


  • OKR methodology relies heavily on transparent goals. Only when employees and teams have a clear vision of the larger goal can they set their personal or team OKRs. The ideal OKR is usually based on transparency and accuracy, while the objectives and their key results are specific and much more data-driven. OKR software also ensures clear communication. This helps when a team member doesn’t quite understand their OKRs, they can easily ask a question and get an answer. Moreover, transparency ensures that an organization does not risk operating in isolation.


Why Twiser’s OKR Software?


Twiser offers you the “Best Fit OKR solution” with a flexible and user-friendly platform. You can instantly follow the goals of the entire company, track progress, give feedback and provide support to your team from a single place. By keeping the work done and making results visible throughout the year, you can make a fairer, more transparent performance evaluation and develop employees.


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